About us

We love our plants like we love our kids, sometimes a little to much. But we don't see anything wrong with that. We display them proudly side-by-side with family photos on the mantel. We also like to keep things fresh and new so we're constantly changing up our home, rearranging, swapping out photos and throw pillows, switching decorations. Just about every week our fireplace looks different. One day we noticed with all these different looks we've been switching up, that our kids (plants) might be feeling neglected. Everything in the house gets to stay fresh except for them 😢 , this got us to thinking. Just as you would find that perfect blue shirt to make your kids blue eyes pop! We wanted to provide our plants with that perfect outfit to really bring out those green features and colorful flowers. So we went to work on getting them some fresh new gear. 

You can't beat the authentic clay pot look but sometimes it might not go well with the current theme of the home. So whether you're the plant lover and want to give your kids some style or you just like to decorate your home with the seasons and have a couple pots that don't want to be left out. We have what you need to make your house a home and keep it looking fresh!